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2010-2019: My Decade in Review

I can’t believe we’re in a whole new decade. Whenever I sit and think back on the last 10 years of my life, it’s crazy to see how much I’ve done in such a short period of time. You don’t realize it while it’s happening but a lot of stuff can happen in 10 years. The growth I’ve experienced is something I wouldn’t have imagined for myself when I was 18 and starting college.

2010-2019 was kinda a wild ride but totes worth it. A decade in review makes me feel nostalgic for the days when I barely had any responsibilities as a baby adult…dang I miss those days sometimes.

Graduating College

Y’all, I’ve spent close to 2 whole decades in school. Does it feel like it? Of course not. There are those times where something from the mid-2000’s triggers a memory then it hits me it’s almost a decade since I’ve left undergrad. Those 4 years flew by and before I knew it, I took my last final of undergrad followed by the grad ceremony a week later. The same goes for graduate school. Two years and before I knew it, I was walking across the stage again (also, this decade in review got me thinking about the frivolous days of undergrad)

Both days were meaningful and it’s incredible to see the growth I’ve had in the years between and after getting my Bachelor’s and Master’s. I don’t feel like I’ve reached my full potential yet and I’m still waiting on my final form to reveal itself. My #1 goal in life is to be a Cooking Channel/Food Network personality with my own show or web series. When that moment finally happens, I’ll be set.

First Boyfriend

Sooooo boys. While others were out exploring and dating and whatnot, I wasn’t. Did I want to? Sure but I was so afraid. It wasn’t until recently I learned I still carried around feelings from being rejected as a teenager. Anywho, Robert and I are going on 7 years in a couple months and it’s been awesome thus far. There’s been occasional hiccups but that’s life…no matter how much I dislike it. I do feel insecure about being in a relationship sometimes but there are several key moments over the last 7 years that let me know it’s going to be okay. Plus, his reassurance is a good thing too 🙂


I thought I’d done some traveling in my younger years but not really. The only time I went on trips anywhere were several cruises over the years. I didn’t really have travel ambitions; I had places I wanted to go but the thought of actually figuring out how to get there never crossed my mind. The biggest highlight of my travels is going to Europe. Did I ever think I’d go anywhere on the continent? Of course not. It’s easier to look at it on tv or imagine it. Getting on the plane and seeing Iceland, England, and France at one time is by far the best trip I’ve ever been on in life.

Living on My Own

Was I thrilled to finally be living on my own? Yes. It was my first taste of real independence after sharing a space with roommates in college. I was excited. I found a spot for $450 a month(I’d love to go back to paying that much for rent…I’d chop off my leg for it) and moved in. It felt good coming home to a place I could call my own and that I was solely responsible for. I’d walk around my own house nude, stay in bed for as long as I wanted plus late-night runs to McDonalds just because I could. I think it’s good I was able to move into my own spot after college (broke and all) because it was my way of officially starting off my adult life on my own terms.

Buying My First Car

Listen, I had no idea about buying a car. I was driving around in my little Saturn while it kept overheating and causing other issues. I couldn’t get rid of it because it was my first car. My initial plan was to buy a new one after I graduated from grad school but that wasn’t the case. I ended up buying a new car a year before I really wanted to.  I’d been saving up the funds for a down payment for a couple years at least so I was okay with dropping a couple dollars for a new one. The only thing I had no clue about was how to choose car insurance. That was an ordeal! The 3 years I’ve had my car flew by. Fortunately for me, I haven’t had any issues with it besides a couple cosmetic things. Right now, I have no desire to buy a new car once I pay this one off. I’m satisfied with what I’m driving at the moment.

Starting a Blog

I was always known for knowing all the tea about any celebrity you could think of. I’d know the details of all the scandals…I guess I was The Shade Room before that was a thing. Plenty of people told me to start a blog so I made a Tumblr and started writing. It was really about anything substantial; just a few reshares with a few posts written by me. I bought a domain name back in 2014 but sat on it until I felt ready. Once I was in grad school and learned a couple things, I knew it was time. Was I nervous to launch? For sure. I remember the butterflies I felt leading up to the big day. I reworked some of my old stuff and scheduled everything so it didn’t look empty. Working on this the last couple years has kept my juices flowing. The smallest things can inspire a post. My goal is to make TFL a whole brand and make it my sole source of income.

Now as far as 2020 is concerned, it’s only up from here. In a few months I’ll be in my own home(insane, right?!) and *manifests heavily* a new job. Same with undergrad…I have no clue what this next decade brings but I’m thrilled to see what pops off in the future.