My Summer 2020 Essentials

Before the Coronavirus came and swept us all off our feet, I was in the midst of getting ready for all the brunches and outside activities. Now, with quarantines and whatnot, all those events are on the back burner.

There are a few summer 2020 essentials I’m on the hunt for in the hopes the quarantine ends soon. Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready, right?

White Sneakers

Adidas Sleek Super Shoes $30

I don’t wear sneakers unless I’m working out or during the (short) colder seasons. The white sneaker I’m looking for is one that is universal. It goes with every outfit from a simple sundress to jeans and a t-shirt. The only challenge at this point is to keep them as white as the day I took them out the box.

Asymmetrical Tops

Jersey Top $2.99

One day I randomly thought about a tube top I had in elementary school and all of a sudden I wanted one. Any kind of top from tube to halters to off-the-shoulder tops showing off my clavicle area and accentuating my neck is on my radar right now. All I’m thinking about now is throwing on all the necklaces and earrings to bring attention to that area. The opulence and flash is going to be insane.

Wide Leg Pants

White Snake Belted Wide Leg Pants $17

Tip: if you’re wearing some fuller on the bottom, go more fitted on the top and vice versa. I bought a pair of baggy jeans from Zara recently and it transported me back to high school. I had a pair of baggy jeans I bought from a thrift store that I absolutely LOVED. Skinny/tight pants trended for a few years so it’s refreshing to see wider legged pants come back into existence. When Rona is over, I’m wearing wide leg pants to the first brunch because I’m eating all the foods.

Colored Eyeliner

AOA Starlet Eyeliner $1

After all the YouTube and Instagram tutorials I watch everyday, I’m confident I can up my makeup skills during this quarantine. I have no current plans so I can afford to practice and create looks so I’m ready when I can finally leave the house. My usual makeup routine is pretty simple so doing elaborate and graphic eyeliner looks is a fun thing I look forward to doing on my off-days.

Wedge Sandals

ASOS Design Topic Espadrille Wedge $48

I know wedges get a bad rap usually, but sometimes I want to be comfy. The last thing I’m trying to do is have my feet out here looking crazy because I’m in pain. Wedges provide the support regular heels don’t. I’m upgrading from the previous pair of wedges to a pair that looks a bit more “grown and sexy”.

What are your essentials for spring/summer 2020? What’s the first thing you’re doing when this quarantine is over?