How to Wear 6 Fall/Winter 2020 Fashion Trends

Summer wasn’t quite what we were hoping for(thanks quarantine) because outdoor activities are cancelled. The cooler weather is a thing most of us might be looking forward to. Idk when we can go outside for socially distanced activities but at least we can still look cute running a couple quick errands.

Looking at most of the fall/winter 2020 fashion trends, one thing I notice is they’re more relaxed and looser than previous seasons. These kinds of pieces are great; I like to think it’s because most of the world is working from home in more casual pieces than before. If you’re someone who still likes to “dress up” for work, not only does it take you from “home” to “work” mode but it gives you a little something to look forward to in the morning.

Jewel Tones

These colors add the bold punch of color to fall’s neutral/muted tones. Jewel tones always feel refreshing when it comes to this time of year because, although they’re “bright”, they’re more saturated than their neon counterparts. If you really want to have some fun, I say go ahead and put together an unexpected look with jewel and neon tones.


When it comes to plaid, the movie Clueless definitely comes to mind. It’s a classic print that goes with any season. Since plaid catches the eye, it’s best to let them be in the forefront with everything else subtle, kinda like how Jonathan Cohen styled his plaid skirt above.

Oversized Blazers

I live for a good oversized blazer. Although I prefer to get mine from a thrift store, sometimes it does feel good to get a brand new one. This fall, I’ll be wearing a blazer with anything and everything from dresses to shorts to jeans. It’s a classic transition piece we all need in our closets and can take you from casual to semi-dressed up in seconds.

Sweater Sets

I can remember wearing cute sweater sets when I was in elementary school. My fave was a white and blue floral print one I’d wear with baggy wide leg jeans and platform sneakers. What’s great about coordinate sweater sets is it’s like 2 looks in 1: you can wear them together or separate with other items in your closet. Sets can be worn in a bajillion ways because they go perfectly with anything and everything in your closet from your slinky slip dresses to a casual pair of jeans…and that’s precisely how I’ll be wearing them.

Skirt Suits

I think skirt suits can look a little “corporate” but with the right pieces and accessories you can take it from the boardroom to brunch(corny, I know). Just like sweater sets, get more longwear by wearing the separates with other pieces in your closet.



Fringe is the razzle dazzle we need in our lives. The added whimsy to an outfit makes it more fun and exciting, plus a conversation starter. I have a fringe skirt I haven’t worn in a while and I plan on wearing it with t-shirts and sneakers for a casual take or a camisole and blazer when things get a bit more dressy.


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