Pasta Packs is serving up fresh ingredients and easy cooking times during the pandemic

We all love pasta but one thing about it is sometimes it can be kinda weird when it’s reheated the next day. Brothers Greg and Nicolaas Bryon have a solution to that: their new venture Pasta Packs. The packs are basically an all-in-one kit. Everything you need to make dinner for yourself or with someone else takes no more than 10 minutes.

Pasta Packs launched earlier this year shortly after the pandemic started. In a few short months, Greg and Nicolaas found success in the quick and easy meals. If you’re someone like me, cooking isn’t your strongest suit so fortunately for us, meal prep is simple. The pasta is all homemade and comes fully equipped with everything you need from garlic bread, salad, and dessert.

“In these times, we’re all looking for any kind of convenience to add to our lives—that includes figuring out dinner. If standing over pots and pans to cook an elaborate meal sounds like no fun, Tampa brothers Greg and Nicolaas Bryon have a plan.

The Bryons are co-owners of Pasta Packs all-in-one, already prepared meal kits.

The brothers moved to Florida from the Bronx when they were kids. Nicolaas, 31, graduated from Johnson & Wales with his culinary degree in 2010 and bounced around Florida working at various restaurants and opening hotels like B Ocean in Ft. Lauderdale. Greg started out studying as a biomedical science major at University of South Florida in Tampa, where he also developed his photography skills.

Greg landed big opportunities like going on tour in Jamaica in 2011 and documenting behind the scenes action for Dynasty who was signed to a small record label named “Macten Sounds.” Currently, Greg is a partner at local creative studio Pep Rally Inc. and owner of his own photography business Eight 20 Eight Inc. A few of his projects at Pep Rally Inc. involve murals for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tampa Bay Lightning plus the shipping containers at Sparkman Wharf. 

“The photography got really big for a college student. I took a semester off to go to Jamaica and I didn’t look back after that,” says Greg.”