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10 Casual Christmas Dinner Outfit Ideas for Virtual Hangouts

This year’s holiday parties aren’t going to be as jumpin’ as last years. Zoom party and other virtual hangout invites are probably out by now and guest lists are made. I’d guess and say the silver lining is more people can be invited technically. Drinks and food can still be poppin’ but in smaller quantities.  Christmas dinner outfit ideas are more casual and laidback this year since there is less human-to-human contact.

Keep it cute with any casual Christmas dinner outfit ideas like below. Yes, it’s going to be different, but you can still wear these whether you’re having an in-person shindig or not.

Still unsure of what to wear (like me)? Take a peek at a few options from Lena and go from pajamas to party ready with looks ranging from a slinky dress to a suit.

Add an oversized shirt and a pair of dark tights underneath the leather shorts you bought earlier in fall to transition them easily between seasons.

Don’t feel like dressing up completely in a full LEWK? Show up to the virtual hangout in your new fave sweatshirt, lightly distressed jeans, and accessories that elevate it from “store run” to standing under the mistletoe. If you’re feeling a little extra, wearing a cute dress and heels like Ellie in this video here is an option too.

You can never go wrong with a skirt and sweater combo. Temperatures are dropping so why not be comfy while sipping your 3rd glass of wine? Tip: wearing separates creates the opportunity for pairing with more items in your closet.

Going all out for the festivities? Put together all the bells and whistles from the makeup to entire outfit for your look. You’re surely lift everyone’s spirit with your accoutrements since 2020 was a whole dumpster’s worth of trash.

First off, it’s the shoes for me. Go comfy up top and let a pair of statement heels take all the shine. Kick your feet up on the table and let everyone in the online Zoom chats marvel.

The #RichAuntie vibes are real this time of year. Dust off those luscious furs, soft silks, and get out your good leather boots because you got some stuntin’ to do! The perfect accessory for this is a glass of red wine for sure.

Got a lush leather skirt with nowhere to wear it? Give it a relaxed vibe and pair it with your favorite band tee to make it feel “at home” for your version of casual Christmas dinner outfit ideas.

A little monochromatic action is elevated when you mix different fabrics and textures. Silk skirts trended all over this season and they go with anything and everything. Tip: if you don’t have a silk skirt, you can always just throw a sweater or t-shirt over a silk dress and call it a day.

Most of all, don’t forget your mask. A wee bit of print mixing is fun, especially when it come on a coat. Keep everything else muted/understated. If you decide to go with adding a color, keep it solid.