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6 Cool Places to Eat in Atlanta on a Weekend Getaway

So last I flew out to Atlanta to visit my folks and, of course, eat some good food. Now, as someone who watches food shows religiously and will follow a restaurant on Instagram in a heartbeat, I already had a list of spots I wanted to go to during my stay. It was a challenge a couple times because a few restaurants I wanted to go had insane wait times. I was bummed a little but I know I’ll be back to try them at some point.  

In 3 days, I found 6 cool places to eat in Atlanta on a weekend getaway and, again, I was satisfied. If I could just spend at least a week or 2 in the city, I definitely would. The cool thing about the city itself is it feels like every neighborhood has its own identity. My cousin Seslie lives in the Druid Hills area and I wouldn’t be surprised if people stayed within that neighborhood their entire lives. She also lives down the street from the Little Five Points neighborhood too that looks like it’s a fun spot to be (plus there’s a vintage store I want to go back and shop at).

After you read this, make you have these cool places to eat in Atlanta saved on Yelp or IG:

Escobar Restaurant and Tapas

Escobar Restaurant and Tapas
Escobar Turkey Club Sandwich

Listen, after a morning flight and a cup of Mango tea from Einstein’s, I was in need of a meal BADLY. I had my mind set on eating at another restaurant but when I was told the wait time, I looked for a new spot ASAP. Fortunately for me, Escobar was less than a mile away. Robert came here a couple years ago and actually saw 2 Chainz(he’s one of the owners btw)! My sister and I walked in there was no wait! My turkey club sandwich was filling and a good way to start my Atlanta trip off right. Sucks I didn’t get to see him though(apparently he’d been there the night before!).

The Consulate

The Consulate Atlanta
Ethiopian Lamb Tibs

My cousin Rhanika suggested this restaurant for dinner and it was so much fun. The menu changes every 3 months so right now it highlights Australian dishes plus other international dishes from Greenland, Madagascar, and Korea. I decided on the Ethiopian dish “Lamb Tibs” and completely didn’t realize is was going to be spicy because of the jalapeños *face palm* I’ve been wanting to get more into Ethiopian food since I wrote about Queen of Sheba early last year.


The Consulate Atlanta
Cherry Sherry Cobbler

I love a good fruity and IG-worthy cocktail too so their Cherry Sherry Cobbler cocktail was indeed that. Our waitress told us the drink doesn’t taste alcoholic and she didn’t lie. If I wasn’t driving, I would’ve gotten 2 of them. The drink is modeled after a dessert so the granola was a quirky touch. It’s a sweet drink so it’s possible it’s one of those drinks that creep up on you haha.

Ponce City Market: El Super Pan & Honeysuckle Gelato

El Super Pan Ponce City Market
Media Noche with Hibiscus Agua Fresca

I mean, what Atlanta restaurant list doesn’t include Ponce City Market??? Food halls have grown in popularity over the last 5 or 6 years, especially in Tampa. I did a couple rounds around the hall before I decided on El Super Pan. Living in Tampa, Cuban sandwiches are within a stones throw of anywhere. I didn’t get a Cuban sandwich but I got its cousin, the Media Noche. This one had a couple pieces of chicharron and I was pleasantly surprised because they don’t put that on the Media Noches down here. The crunchy chicharron adds a good piece of texture to the entire meal. The sandwich came with a side of yucca fries (I ate those before I took a pic) and I drank a refreshing hibiscus agua fresca to wash it down with.

Honeysuckle Gelato Ponce City Market
Atlanta Coffee gelato

For dessert, my next stop was Honeysuckle Gelato, located on the other side of El Super Pan. I wanted a flavor I thought I couldn’t get anywhere else and the Atlanta Coffee flavor is just that. It’s a Krispy Kreme gelato with a coffee caramel swirl…totes something Tampa isn’t going to have at the local gelato spots. Mixing a classic donut brand with coffee is *chef’s kiss* really. It’s more sweet with little hints of coffee in each bite. I’m still kicking myself over not getting another scoop.

A Mano

I went to Lenox Square and it was a madhouse. I left because it was too much for me. Fortunately, I was supposed to meet my friend Jazz and she called at the right time. I had nothing else to do so once I went to her house, she told me about this restaurant, which is one of her go-tos. It’s in the Old Fourth Ward area of town, which looks a lot like South Tampa and Tampa neighborhood Seminole Heights. The restaurant is a cute little spot that looks like a good option for a date night or a weekend brunch.

A Mano ATL
Apple Salad and Mothers Finest cocktail

It was New Year’s Eve and I didn’t want to eat a heavy meal. I was going to a small party at my cousin Carrie’s house so I went with their Apple Salad. It’s hard to mess up a salad and this one was cute and exactly what I needed.

A Mano Atlanta
Tiramisu Gelato

Dessert is my favorite part of the meal. Jazz and I shared a tiramisu gelato and, again, this was cute. The gelato was soft and tasted just like they mixed actual tiramisu with cream, sugar, and milk. It came in a little cup sprinkled with cocoa powder and topped with a small cookie. You know what? I should try more gelato this year. I’ve already made it up in my head I want to go back ASAP just because of all the cool places to eat in Atlanta. It’s such a huge city it’ll take me forever to try it all.

Taziki’s Meditteranean

Taziki's Mediteranean
Greek Salad with grilled chicken

I went here on a “cousin date” with Seslie the day before I left. It’s one of her go-tos and it’s a 5-minute drive from her apartment. Cute little spot with some outdoor seating but it was kinda cold so sitting outside wasn’t an option for me. We were the only ones in there for a while until other folks started coming in for lunch. Same thing as NYE, I had plans later and I didn’t want to go overboard (this was technically the first meal I had this day anyway). The Greek salad is a good size and filling. The cousin date was fun, of course. We giggled and laughed like the little girls we are are on the inside.

Harold’s Chicken and Ice Bar

Harold's Chicken and Ice Bar Atlanta
Tropical Explosion and Fish & Waffles

The last night I was in town, we all went down to Harold’s for a really good time. I pulled in the parking lot and it was madness. Anyone can hear the music blasting from the inside of their car. We walked in and it was a party. I had no idea it was going to be wall to wall people. Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait long for tables. Besides ordering the Tropical Explosion cocktail, it took me a few minutes to figure out what I wanted to eat util I decided on the Fish & Waffles. Now, I’m so used to eating chicken with waffles, I couldn’t resist the urge to try it. Overall, the restaurant is a whole vibe on Friday nights with dranks flowing, music blasting, and folks wearing their latest and greatest.

Can’t believe I managed to find all these cool places to eat in Atlanta. What places should I add to my list????