10 Summer 2022 Trends to Know About

IT’S THE BEGINNING OF SUMMER! Granted, the official day of summer was June 21 but we all know the season starts earlier than that. We all know what this season means: tiny clothes, being hot girls, and way more nights out on the town. WE OUTSIDE WIT IT! To go with all the forthcoming night (and day) activities, we have to look amazing, right? RIGHT.

A few of these summer 2022 trends are indeed classics but updated versions can still take up space in your closet:


Platform Heels

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate a good platform shoe: they’re sturdy, reliable, and they don’t make your feet hurt after 5 minutes. Platform shoes like super popular Valentino version can go with any outfit from casual to dressy. A word to the wise: feeling blah? Add a platform!


Silk Scarves


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♬ Cooler Than Me – Lucky Luke

I remember feeling extra luxurious as a little girl wearing a scarf around my neck. It was tiny and green but really added a punch to my little school looks. Silk scarves really are a work horse; they work as a neck or purse accessory, adding flare to a hairstyle, or being worn as a top. I like to get my scarves thrifted personally because it’s something about knowing that a piece of fabric comes with a history is interesting plus knowing there’s a chance no one else has such a unique piece is even better.


Dopamine Dressing

Wearing bright colors or patterns to “lift your spirit” is the literal definition of Dopamine Dressing. I love it because I do tend to lean towards those kinds of things when I’m going out or when I do feel the urge to look cute on a Friday to my therapy session. My mood switches and I’m making sure everyone sees me that day.




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♬ Every Scandal Has…. – Bridgerton S2

Bridgerton has us all channeling our inner society girls and princesses. Isn’t it fun to dress like the fairy tales main characters we grew up watching as wee tots and are now watching again (kinda) as adults? It’s fun and if you have a larger chest size, the necklines are hella flattering.


Mini Skirts

I’ve started getting more comfortable over the last couple years with wearing shorter skirts to show off my legs. There’s something about wearing a short skirt that almost makes me feel powerful; I know my legs look great in this and I’m showing them off since everyone else needs to know.




@MARCELL VON BERLIN @Chan’tal @Dior #fashionfiles #monochromeoutfit #havanatwists #diorsunglass

♬ original sound – Jackie Aina

I feel like monochrome is such a classic and bold way of dressing. Monochrome dressing elongates the body also so this could work wonders for the petite girls. When you’re wearing all of the same color, it allows you to have a bit more fun with your accessories and other statement pieces.



We’ve all been in the gym and doing Pilates like our good sis Lori. Show everyone how tight your abs, arms,  and back are with hella cutouts accentuating the areas. Clearly, a lot of these summer 2022 trends are all about showing off how hard you’ve been in the gym so why not show off the results?


Coastal Grandmother


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♬ In The Mood – Glenn Miller

Although we have plenty of Coastal Grandmothers like Martha Stewart, Oprah, and Diane Keaton with their sweaters and khakis, this trend is “new” to a wider audience. Imagine sitting outside in your backyard in the evening and sipping the finest of red and/or wines and basking in the “soft life”.



Fringe is one of the most fun of all the classic fashions trends. It adds some dazzle to whatever item of clothing it’s added to. Go out on a fun night out, wear your best fringe, and spend the rest of the time being the life of the party.


Matching Sets

Matching sets basically double your wardrobe. Wear the coords together or separately with other items in your closet. What’s good about sets is they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion: wear the shirt with a pair of denim shorts and a crop top out and about running errands or pair the pants with a silk cami and heels for date night or weekend brunch with your squad.

What are some summer 2022 trends you’re adding to your wardrobe?