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Pepsi Dig In Day returns this Saturday to celebrate local Black-owned restaurants

Pepsi Dig In, an annual initiative aiming to drive consumers to patronize Black-owned restaurants, rallies folks across the country to celebrate their local Black-owned restaurants this Saturday, November 5 for Dig In Day. This year, they’re working together with the beloved author, Food Network personality and celeb chef Carla Hall to encourage us to come together and dine.

Fans who post their meals and tag their fave Black-owned spot will have the chance to win $5,000 for themselves and a $5,000 donation for the nominated restaurant. All you have to do is tag @PepsiDigIn and use the hashtags #DigInShowLove and #sweepstakes.

“I’ve always been passionate about celebrating the food and community that Black-owned restaurants bring to the table. Pepsi Dig In does a phenomenal job of supporting these culinary gems with initiatives like Pepsi Dig In Day. We can all make a tangible impact by dining at these restaurants and enjoying what they have to offer,” said chef Carla Hall.

Pepsi Dig In inspires everyone to show love for their favorite Black-owned restaurants and beyond with activities including the following:

  • Pepsi Dig In will cover the tab between $2,000-$5,000 at select restaurants on Dig In Day (while supplies last). Brunch celebrations at restaurant partners feature a mix of live music, custom menus.
  • Corporate partners support Dig In Day by offering a sponsored lunch from Black owned restaurants until Nov. 4. Companies committed to Pepsi Dig In Corporate Week include the NFL, NHL, TripAdvisor, and others.
  • Providing Black restauranteurs with funding and toolkits of brand materials to help marketing and social media efforts.
  • Encouraging consumers to find their local Black-owned restaurants via EatOkra and post/tag @PepsiDigIn and #DigInShowLove to help spread the word.

For more info on the program and this weekend’s activities, visit their website and follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at @PepsiDigIn for all updates.

Photo c/o Pepsi & Melissa Horn