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7 Fall 2022 Trends to Buy Now

As of late, I find myself reverting back to creating outfits I wore in college. With this weather change, I’ve been obsessing over wearing cardigans and blazers more. It’s simpler to wear those two since Florida doesn’t really know how to get cold but take a step outside and it’s clear the temps are dropping slightly.

What’s great about the fall 2022 trends, they’re a combo of older trends plus few classics so these items may already be in your closet already (I know a few are already in mine).


This one I’m heavily invested in. I love anything vintage, especially accessories, because they’re unique and not widely available like current clothes. I love shopping at thrift stores or online via Poshmark, eBay, TheRealReal, and for items. Lately, I’ve been wanting to dabble more in estate sales since the sales are local and I don’t have to wait for shipping. One of the vintage trends that’s also trending this season is 90s grunge. Scour thrift stores online or in-person for those flannels, concert tees, and ripped denim.


Maxi Lengths

Another favorite of mine. Maxi skirts and dresses are in my wheelhouse. They’re easy to dress up or down and accessorize. The length looks great with both flats and heels. I have several pairs of boots so I’ll definitely be wearing mine underneath skirts and dresses this season.



This is a bit different than the usual jewel tones we usually see like burgundy or emerald green because pastel shades are reserved for warmer weather. Just so you’re not looking like you’re ready for Sunrise Easter Service, try mixing the pastel shades with the jewel tones or neutral, darker colors of the season.


Ballet Flats

After seasons of towering heels, I’m glad flatter shoes like loafers and ballet flats are coming back into the mix. The thing that sucks is I just got rid of a pair of ballet flats a few months ago I hadn’t worn in forever but finding a replacement is always fun. Ballet flats are a classic shoe that goes from casual to elevated depending on clothing choice.


Bomber Jackets

I’m kinda glad bomber jackets are back; it gives me a reason to wear the one I have that’s been sitting in the back of my closet. The jackets add some edge to looks and pretty much looks good with anything. I plan on wearing mine with jeans for casual OOTD’s and slip dresses for OOTN’s.



We’re still vibing off Cottagecore or Bridgerton-inspired looks for the foreseeable future. I like when I see women wearing corsets with a wide leg pant or full skirt. Clearly we’re not in the 1800s or prior, our corsets are a wee bit more comfy.



TBH I don’t really remember this classic print ever “go out of style”. Use this coat as a neutral and feel free to add more color underneath with hoodies, jeans, or accessories.

What are some other fall 2022 trends we should know about?