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6 Fall 2023 Fashion Trends to Know About

Fall is upon us and so are the cooler mornings. For me, this is when I get into my bag with coats, boots, sweaters, and more.

Fall 2023 fashion trends include bright colors, prints, and leaning onto other trends from yesteryear:


Red is one of my favorite colors and I think it adds the right amount of punch to an outfit, especially one that’s more neutral. I went through a phase in high school where I’d wear a pair of red flats with EVERYTHING; you couldn’t stop me. If going full on red scares you, start off with accessories to dip your toe in with a cute bag or shoes.


I’m obsessed with suits and have been forever and I’ve been on the hunt (casually) for a good white one for a while now. YSL’s Anthony Vaccarello took suiting to another level with exaggerated shoulders and the “80’s Working Girl” vibe. Obviously, you do’t have to go that route…duh. As for me, I’d much rather prefer something that’s more oversized and can go from day to night seamlessly.

90s Minimalism

The 90s were simple. Not too much fuss and pretty relaxed with solid colors. A white dress fits any occasion: brunch, lunch, dinner, date night, casual vibes, whatever. It’s clean, fresh, and because everyone else is waring something else, a white dress will for sure stand out in any room.



Whenever I see anything off-the-shoulder, it reminds me of carefree women who just like to have a good time. In my head, they’re effortlessly sexy and know how to command a room. The bold prints of Carolina Herrera’s Resort collection do just that. They’re bright, eye-catching, and flirty. Definitely my kind of vibe when I’m figuring out what to wear to brunch or dinner.


By the looks of normcore, this is me everyday of my life…or just my vibe for cooler weather. Oversized jackets, cardigans, and sweaters feel cozy to me plus the loose fitting clothes feel so much better.


Artistic Prints

Want to stand out in a crowd? Wear an unexpected print in striking colors for a little dazzle dazzle. Just like the off-the-shoulder trend, this is something I enjoy wearing (and looking at). Prints are fun and meant to be looked at anyway.

Out of these 6 fall 2023 fashion trends, which one (or ones) tickle your fancy?