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It’s What You Eat: 2018 Food and Drink Trends

One thing I’ve noticed is how much fun food and drinks are becoming. Bartenders and chefs are pulling from different inspirations and taking risks when it comes to food. Even here in Tampa; there isn’t a day that goes by where I’m scrolling Instagram and a restaurant is debuting something new. My mouth is constantly on the floor because my mind is blown that someone created something I’d never expect.

2018 is all about taking risks and trying new foods to drink. Next time you go out to brunch with your folks or having a fun date night, get out of your comfort zone and try one of these new trends.


Taste the Rainbow

This takes “taste the rainbow” to an entirely different level. Think rainbow cakes, bagels, and whatever else anyone can decide to add vibrant colors to.


Tiki Island

The next time you’re on an island can be months from now but that doesn’t mean you can’t sit back in your backyard and imagine yourself on a tropical island far away. Stock up on all the coconuts, mangos, and pineapples while you can right now.


Dessert, but make it healthy

Like I’ve mentioned before: I’m not 100% vegan, more like “vegan-ish”. I appreciate the twists on my favorite foods using healthier items. Desserts can be tricky since we’re so used to sweetness and anything vegan already gets a bad wrap. A smoothie bowl like this is simple to make. It’ll change your mind about adding more vegan items in no time.


Back to the Classics

Bartenders are returning to their roots with the classics. Daiquiris are coming back in style with new, bold flavors and tastes. Let your taste buds get a jolt of excitement when it hits the tip of your tongue.


Blowing Hot Air

Even this is new to me. The only place I know that air fries their food is EVOS so this being something to do at home didn’t even cross my mind. Air frying is healthier than regular frying and doesn’t require using oils. I might have to look for one this year.


Getting Mocked

Brunch is still the same if your friends who aren’t big drinkers can still get lit off the mimosas. Mixing together various juices and flavors without any bubbly can still make you feel like the bougie aunt who travels the world and sends postcards.


What food and drink trends are you looking forward to this year? Is there anything you’d try out of your comfort zone?