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Treat Yourself: 11 Shopping Apps to Make Your Life Easier and Bank Account Smaller

Who would’ve known 20 years ago everyone would be able to shop without having to step foot inside a department store? At any given moment of the day, whether I’m sitting on the couch or strolling the aisles of Target, I’m looking at my phone at various shopping apps for a few reasons: I’m window shopping to find what’s new, where to get outfit inspiration, or if the things I want are still available.

It’s so much easier now to find what you’re looking for on shopping apps. Faster too. Gone are the days when we’d have to go from store to store hoping to find at least something similar to what we’re looking for. Shoutout to technology for the convenience! The great thing about these apps is that they’re free. Most let you save items in a wish list of some sort to keep track of.


If you don’t love a bomb AF sale, you’re crazy. Gilt sells designer pieces at 70% off retail so if you’re eyeballing a pair of Gucci or Valentino shoes, keep an eye out because they might go on sale when you least expect it. Users can customize the site to whatever their favorite designers, brands, and styles are and Gilt shows what’s going on with your preferences each time you log in.

Haute Look

One of Nordstrom’s brands, Haute Look curates pieces just for you. Brands are at most 75% off. The app can be used in conjunction with another one of Nordstrom’s brands, Nordstrom Rack, so anything purchased on either site can be organized easily.

Thred Up

Thred Up is an online thrift store and sells everything. There’s always a good reason to do a little spring cleaning and getting rid of old stuff…and make some extra money.

The Real Real

The Real Real is one of my fave websites to look at for designer items at lower prices. I look at my obsessions everyday hoping and praying a pair of shoes I saved isn’t gone. The thing I appreciate about the site is if an obsession you lost out on is returned, an email is sent letting you know it’s back in stock.


Users can shop over 150 brands including Calvin Klein, Nike, and Zara and save every piece they love. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, checkout is quick and simple. Your feed can also be customized based off what brands and looks you like. Also, you’ll be notified when an item you’re looking for is cheaper!


Men can buy and sell their clothes, shoes, or accessories. You just may find that designer piece you’ve had your eye on for a long time at a more affordable price. The items are broken down into 4 categories: Grailed(high-quality, coveted items), Hype(streetwear and the latest sneaker releases), Sartorial(high-end menswear), and Core(mass market and vintage).


Think of ShopStyle as Google for fashion. Once you type in what you’re looking for, ShopStyle pulls up a variety of options and shows you who is selling the specific item. The site also lets you know about which stores are having sales.

Rent The Runway

Rent the Runway is a little different. Have you ever wished you could wear your favorite designer but you couldn’t afford it? Rent the Runway lets you borrow clothes for whatever occasion. Choose from over 300 designers and their runway looks and exclusives. There are 3 options when it comes to how you want to rent and how many items you want to rent: Reserve, Update, and Unlimited. Pick wisely and have everything you ever wanted to wear at your fingertips.


If you have an Amazon Prime account, Shopbop makes it easier to shop for items without worrying if you’ll get the right thing plus you’ll get it in a couple days. They sell everything from men’s and women’s clothing to shoes and accessories. Shopbop offers free shipping and returns.


Think of Spring as a hub for all of your favorites. Find and discover new and old brands alike. It doesn’t matter if you jump around different brands…Spring lets you check out everything at once with no issue. How simple is that?


Stylect is known for it’s wide offering of shoes but they also sell accessories also. Stylect makes it easy to shop by collections or outfits for more convenience.

What apps do you use currently to help out with shopping? Do you prefer apps or going to an actual store?