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Downtown Tampa’s Remedy is the newest cure

It’s not uncommon for me to find out about new restaurants on Instagram. It’s like seeing a child grow up in front of your eyes. I’ve been following Remedy on IG for about a month now before I ever step foot inside. Last week, I met up with wife/husband duo Jen and Derek Iavarone and their business partner Greg Minder to see what the hype was all about. Fortunately for me, I was also able to be there for their grand opening too.

Remedy is located just above the Tampa Riverwalk right next to Curtis Hixon Park. Step away from any festivities and grab a quick bite or something bubbly. Read the following excerpt to get a taste of what the patio eatery is all about:

“Remedy has opened to fulfill your hankering for relaxation. Perched just above the Tampa Riverwalk at 400 N. Ashley Drive, Remedy is the new patio hangout from Malio’s Prime Steakhouse owners Jen and Derek Iavarone. This wife-and-husband duo teamed up with business partner Greg Minder, the president of real estate development firm InTown Group, to bring the concept to life.

The Iavarones met Minder more than a decade ago at Malio’s, where he’d stop by to dine.

“We met here 12 years ago,” said Derek, who serves as managing partner for Remedy, “and for the next 12 years, Greg asked when we were going to put a patio on the other side, and I’d tell him to let me get this place up and running.”

The decision to put a patio on the other side of Malio’s finally came in 2015. That’s when Derek told Minder about his idea for Remedy.

“It turned out to be a very complicated real estate transaction. Getting it done is complicated, but getting it operated is not my thing, and Derek is a phenomenal operator and partner,” Minder said.”

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