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XT Munchies is newest member to Xtreme Tacos family

I’ve been obsessed with Xtreme Tacos for a couple years now. Every now and then Robert and I Last time I met up with owners Sofie and Uzi, they were in the process of moving the popular taco spot and running their food truck. Life happens so while we all wait on pins and needles for the new brick-and-mortar Xtreme Tacos location to open, they’ve opened up a new concept named XT Munchies to hold everyone over until then. It’ll have all of the Mexican treats we love including elotes, aguas frescas, and fruit cups with tropical fruits like mango and pineapple.

I caught up with Sofie and Uzi last week to get all the deets about XT Munchies for Creative Loafing. Try not to salivate from the following excerpt:

“The last time CL spoke with Uziel Ramirez and Sofie Warrenbrand of Xtreme Tacos was a few months back. The owners were gearing up to reopen their brick-and-mortar location in Tampa’s Seminole Heights, but due to permitting issues, they’ve decided to debut their newest project, XT Munchies, to the neighborhood first.

On Wednesday, Dec. 5, XT Munchies will launch in soft-opening mode in the Powhatan Plaza at 5705 N. Nebraska Ave. — across the street from Xtreme’s future home.

It should hold the locals over.

“XT Munchies is all about introducing more Mexican treats into the community,” Warrenbrand says. “Everything is healthy, and we like to serve fresh foods. For us, it’s an easy concept to fall in love with because it goes along with our Xtreme Tacos beliefs.”

The difference between XT Munchies and Xtreme is what’s on the menu. Xtreme offers taqueria favorites like tacos and tortas, while the specialties at XT Munchies are Mexican-inspired street snacks that might be more unfamiliar.”

XT Munchies just opened up yesterday for their soft opening with plans for a grand opening later this month. To read more about them, click here.

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