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Fall/Winter 2018 Coat Trends That Keep You Warm

The sun goes down at 5pm and it’s dark for majority of the day so we all know what that means…it’s winter! This is when I’m layering the heaviest with sweatshirts or sweaters underneath coats. One coat that I loved in particular when I was in high school was a white DKNY puffy coat. It had faux fur at the collar so I felt like someone’s wealthy, bougie cousin.

Coats might be just a layering option but they can add some easy slay to your entire look. The fall/winter 2018 coat trends range from the classics to outrageous so there’s something from everyone to love. I think putting a look together in colder weather means being more meticulous with pieces. It’s not as simple as warmer weather where you can put on one thing and be done; everything from the hats down to the boots have to mesh seamlessly.

Let’s Get Waisted

Belted coats look so elegant, sophisticated, and classic. When you wear one, you might feel like Carmen Sandiego and want to go solve all the mysteries. Belted coats like trenches are great if you want to feel warm and cozy in the cold weather.

Back to Basics

Basics are always a go. Solid colors like black, gray, or camel go with everything in your closet. If you’re not into making a statement and more interested in simplicity, going for neutral colors is your best bet. Basics deserve to be investment pieces since they’ll be in your closet for a long time. If you want to add some pizzazz, think about adding a few pins or decorations to elevate the basic colors; it’ll look like you bought a brand new coat.

Something to Talk About

Give the people something to talk about when you step into the room! Stand out with some crazy colors, prints, or textures; it’s all about having fun. Everyone else is wearing darker colors so why not go bold and bright with other trends like neon colors, florals, or stripes. The rest of your outfit needs to be understated to let the coat give the full effect.

Wild Side

Animal prints will never go out of style. Just like your regular neutrals, the prints can be paired with just about anything. Classic prints like leopard and snake always look expensive and luxurious. Going faux with the prints is forever an option if you don’t the coins to afford the real deal.

Faux the Love

Faux is always the way to go until you have the coins to get the real deal. The texture is the same and it’s safer for the animals. You’ll still feel like you’re wearing something expensive…the best part is it’s better on your wallet.


What coat did you have that’s your favorite and why? Which trend do you want to try out this season?