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How to Wear the Spring 2019 Color Trends

Colors can convey so many moods, whether we’re happy, sad, or want to remember something. The same goes for seasons. We all know brighter colors are for the hotter months and darker colors are reserved for the colder months. For the last few seasons, the color schemes are beginning to switch a little: florals and lighter colors in the winter with  a couple darker colors creeping into the springtime. Personally speaking, I prefer the lighter colors; they lift my mood and it feels like some kind of renewal.

The spring 2019 color trends tell a story of what trends are popular and what to look forward to seeing for the next few months.


Fitted Shorts $29.99

Pantone chose “Living Coral” as its color of the year for 2019. The orangish-red shade can be found on everything from accessories to shoes. It’s such a beachy-vibe and brightens up any outfit.


Nanette Lapore Arabelle Double Compartment Satchel $29.99

All shades of pink from blush to neon pop against any neutral or darker shade it’s paired with…could it be considered a neutral too?

Dusty Blue

Chinese Laundry Jonah Ankle Strap Pump $69.95

A little darker than light blue but not quite navy, this color can take you from your 9-5 to 5-9 easily with a few switches.


Premium Lilac Bonded Swimsuit $30

It’s easy to feel like you’ll end up looking like Barney, but true and believe that’s not the case. With shades like lavender or lilac, you’ll look like royalty instead.


Yellow Ditsy Print Bardot Frill Hem Skater Dress $32.00

I’ve already mentioned before how much I’m obsessed with the color yellow. It’s so vibrant no one can’t help but notice you when you walk in the room.


Adidas Originals Falcon Neon Sneaker $100

Not for the faint of heart. Yes, it can be a bit overpowering and intimidating but with the right accoutrements, you can make it work.