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Month: May 2019

Tampa Bay Brewing Company highlights rare fish at Ora King TYEE Salmon Dinner

Lately I’ve been craving fish, specifically salmon. I’m not entirely sure why but I know it’s weird. Last week, my opportunity came true when fellow Tampa foodie Carlos Hernandez of the popular Carlos Eats blog invited to the Ora King TYEE Salmon dinner at Tampa Bay Brewing Company. It’s been a couple years since the […]

Poke Burri creates unique twists on our favorite comfort foods

Poke is becoming an increasingly popular food trend by the day with new poke restaurants popping up regularly. Personally, I’ve never been one to turn a bowl down and there hasn’t been any poke I didn’t like. The mixture of fresh seafood, veggies, and other add-ons makes a great, satisfying lunch for anyone. I came […]

How to Travel Inexpensively and Not Go Broke

My first road trip with Robert was to Atlanta to see the first On the Run tour in 2014. I was super hype because not only am I going to see Beyoncé, but I was actually able to see Atlanta as an adult. That trip kinda set off a trend where we’d travel somewhere every […]

The bier boutique is a taste of Key West in Historic Uptown

Owners Scott and Heather Brookey are Ohio natives but sold all their belongings(they kept the dog) and moved down South to Key West to open the first location of the bier boutique. Four years later, to much success, they closed up shop and moved a little bit north to St. Pete. In a few weeks, […]

Where to Eat on Mother’s Day in Tampa

Mother’s Day is Sunday and you want to take your mom somewhere to celebrate, right? Right. Who wants to clean up the mess after making breakfast in bed when plenty of restaurants are serving brunch with bottomless drinks and plenty of food options? Finding where to eat for Mother’s Day in Tampa isn’t hard when […]

How to Wear the Spring 2019 Color Trends

Colors can convey so many moods, whether we’re happy, sad, or want to remember something. The same goes for seasons. We all know brighter colors are for the hotter months and darker colors are reserved for the colder months. For the last few seasons, the color schemes are beginning to switch a little: florals and […]

Where to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Tampa

Cinco de Mayo is this weekend and there are plans EVERYWHERE. Whether it’s brunch or some kind of live entertainment, there is a festivity for us all. Here are a few plans to consider for your Cinco de Mayo in Tampa: American Social Stop by for their usual brunch buffet and stay for the Cinco […]