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Poke Burri creates unique twists on our favorite comfort foods

Poke is becoming an increasingly popular food trend by the day with new poke restaurants popping up regularly. Personally, I’ve never been one to turn a bowl down and there hasn’t been any poke I didn’t like. The mixture of fresh seafood, veggies, and other add-ons makes a great, satisfying lunch for anyone. I came across Poke Burri, an Atlanta-based poke spot, a couple years ago on Instagram and became obsessed when Robert told me they were planning on opening a spot here in Tampa.

For the poke fans, here’s a bit about what Poke Burri plans for the Tampa location:

“Poke is currently one of the biggest food trends to hit Tampa Bay in recent years. And although locals have plenty of concepts to choose from, there will be a new heavy-hitter coming to town this fall. 

Since the chain’s debut in Atlanta in 2016, Poke Burri has launched two more locations within ATL, with three more on the horizon, not to mention the 20 locations currently in development in big cities like Nashville, Denver, Charleston, and Houston.

With plans to open no later than September of this year in Westshore at 4038 W Kennedy Blvd., co-owner Seven Chan is confident that the concept will be a star in Tampa Bay.

“I think it’s something different and special that the city is leaning towards wanting. We will be the best for a very long time,” says Chan. 

Chan and counterpart Ken Yu have tapped into a saturated market before, and they’re more than willing to do it again.

“When we started there weren’t really a million poke restaurants. We had no idea we were going to grow so fast or do so well, but we just wanted to come in and do everything the best,” Chan explains. 

Tampa’s growing food scene enticed Poke Burri owners, and late last year they decided they wanted a piece of the market.

“Tampa is a great city. It’s been transitioning into a more foodie-friendly city with an amazing food culture. We really wanted to be a big part of it,” says Chan.”

I’m ready to eat all the sushi pizzas and burritos right now. Are you?


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