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How to Travel Inexpensively and Not Go Broke

My first road trip with Robert was to Atlanta to see the first On the Run tour in 2014. I was super hype because not only am I going to see Beyoncé, but I was actually able to see Atlanta as an adult. That trip kinda set off a trend where we’d travel somewhere every few months. Our road trips became flights last year when we took our first plane trip to New Orleans. This year, he took it a step further and planned our entire European trip himself. I’d wake up in the middle of the night to see him researching all the places we traveled to.

He pretty much broke all the codes on how to travel inexpensively. I’ve seen for myself(obviously) how inexpensive it can be to travel when you do the research. Since everyone is in his DM’s, this is how you can travel and still have money left over for souvenirs.

When did you become interested in traveling? What’s your first travel memory?

I remember being a kid and wanting to go places and not being able to go. As soon as I was able to have some money, I was trying to go to as many places as I want to. There wasn’t one time that struck an interest but my first memory is going to my grandma’s house in North Carolina. I didn’t like taking a plane because I was afraid but my brother and mom would fall asleep. I loved taking the train because I could watch movies and eat food.

When you’re somewhere outside Tampa, how does it make you feel?

It feels different; the air is different. You get off the plane and everything is foreign. My typical problems don’t exist. I’m far away from bills and responsibilities. I can be frivolous and a bit irresponsible. It feels exhilarating.

Where’s the best destination you’ve been to?

Europe. It took a lot of planning, stress, research, and anxiety. It pretty much went off without a hitch and was seamless. I bought the tickets Christmas Eve but I already knew I wanted to go last summer during the World Cup. My favorite part was just being out of town and doing stuff people haven’t done so they can ask you about it. I’ve been asked by so many people to plan their trips. I just appreciate the process of getting it together and executing the trip.

What websites do you use when you’re looking for the best travel deals? In your opinion, which one is the best?

I look at plenty: Skyscanner, Google Flights, Travel Noire, Travel Pirates, Airbnb and for lodging, Yelp and TripAdvisor. The best one is Travel Pirates because you can break it down and put in either the departing city or destination and it’ll show you every rate and deals from lodging to groups. It’s probably the easiest for me; I check it at least once a day.

When people ask you about finding inexpensive trips, what do you tell them? How often are you asked?

I’m asked about once a week about cheap trips but I tell them to do a lot of research. I don’t consider myself an expert but I think everyone has the ability to do it but I care a lot more than most people. They can find the tickets for cheap but people think traveling is expensive already so if they see a price that they live with, they won’t look to see if they can find anything cheaper. I’ll follow pricing and trends on tickets for months to see how expensive or inexpensive it gets. You’ll be surprised to find some ridiculously priced stuff you thought was impossible.

What places are on your travel bucket list?

Domestically, I want to go to Salt Lake City, LA, New York, and Chicago. Internationally, I want to go to Tulum in Mexico, gotta get to Toronto, more of the Caribbean islands, bounce around between Spain, Italy, Portugal, and, of course, Africa. Honestly, I just want to go everywhere where it’s cheap. I have to be able to wake up, buy the ticket, and just go. I’ll worry about everything else when I land.

Would you recommend setting aside money for traveling?

Absolutely because it’s not expensive. It can be inexpensive if you finesse it the right way. Plus, it’s always ways around paying like payment plans or find a credit card with a nice APR. Use that to finance the tripo and you’ll have an entire year or a little longer to pay the trip off and get points. That’s what I’d advise.

If someone came up to you and said they want to travel more, where is one place they should go?

If they’re in Florida and have never been outside the state, go to Atlanta. Take a 3-day weekend and drive there. That’s the cheapest and easiest way to feel like you went somewhere without having to go far. It’s a nice way to feel like you’re out of town. I love Atlanta and will probably go multiple times every year.