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The bier boutique is a taste of Key West in Historic Uptown

Owners Scott and Heather Brookey are Ohio natives but sold all their belongings(they kept the dog) and moved down South to Key West to open the first location of the bier boutique. Four years later, to much success, they closed up shop and moved a little bit north to St. Pete. In a few weeks, they’ll open their second location of the bier boutique in the Historic Uptown neighborhood were they’re serving their popular Bison burgers and desserts.

The Brookeys and I met up recently at the bier boutique as they’re putting finishing touches on the restaurant. Funny enough, it’s right across the street from Pete’s General, a place I covered a couple months ago. A peek at what’s in store for bier boutique:

“Their combined five decades of work in the restaurant industry Within the next few weeks, the ‘Burg is getting a bier boutique. Husband-and-wife owners Scott and Heather Brookey have packed up their popular concept “The bier boutique” to a renovated car garage St. Petersburg’s Historic Uptown District, at 465 7th Ave. N.

The surprisingly spacious 1,700 square-foot space can fit up to 100, including outdoor patio seating.

“Our vision was that the restaurant would be small. We wanted to have it represent a cozy, intimate atmosphere,” says Heather.

BB’s owners have five decades’ worth of restaurant experience between them from washing dishes to management in their native Ohio.

The couple played around with the idea of opening in Columbus but decided to head south as they didn’t want to live there forever. Selling all of their belongings, the Brookeys moved to Key West. They opened the first location of The bier boutique in August 2014, acquiring a huge following over the ensuing four years. Lucky for us, they decided to pack up the location in 2018 and move to St. Petersburg.” 

Learn more about bier boutique here and see what they’re bringing to Historic Uptown.

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