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Month: August 2019

Table Dot takes all the stress out of planning dinner parties

Planning for any kind of party sucks and takes up so much time. I remember planning my party when I graduated from undergrad and it felt like it was taking forever to find the right place. I called several restaurants every day comparing prices and figuring out other logistics. Now, thanks to the digital age, […]

Cress and Pane Rustica Due open in Heights Public Market at Armature Works

Armature Works is one of Tampa’s most popular destinations. The mixed-use space offers a variety of foods from ice cream to sushi as well as shared workspaces. It’s a great place to go for group outings and for Instagram photos. Inside the building is the Heights Public Market, where the food portion is located. Two […]

Pane Rustica Due opens soon in Armature Works

Who doesn’t love hot, fresh out the oven baked goods in the morning with a cup of coffee or tea? Local bakery Pane Rustica is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year and doing something a bit different. In a couple weeks, Kevin and Karyn Kruszewski open their second location in Armature Works named Pane Rustica […]

Hogg Batch switches up your regular morning routine with barrel-aged coffee

Coffee can be a little regular at times. Beans, water, cream/sugar, and let it brew while you get ready in the morning. I’m sure it’s so routine to the point where you can do it with your eyes blindfolded. When I saw there were 2 Black men putting their own spin on the morning cup, […]

Tibby’s New Orleans Kitchen Brandon celebrates 3rd birthday

I’m probably in a small group of people who can say they’ve been to all 3 Tibby’s locations. Walking in feels like walking into a Mardi Gras celebration every day. There’s artwork on the walls plus lots of decorations; it’s really an entirely different world. One of the things I enjoy most about Tibby’s is […]