Domaselo aims to be the next Starbucks of sourdough bread

Ever heard of sourdough being delivered straight to your door? That’s where Domaselo comes in. The online sourdough bakery ships 100% organic sourdough directly to your door. It was funny earlier this year when everyone started baking all the sourdough in the world at the beginning of the pandemic.

If you didn’t know, Domaselo is Florida’s first direct-to-consumer sourdough bakery. Based in Miami, they ship all over the state. They use eco-friendly products and delivery so they’re all about saving the planet.

Founder Emil Hristov grew up in Macedonia eating all the sourdough he could get his hands on. When he moved to Miami, he wasn’t satisfied with the local bread choices so he decided to do something about it. He started baking bread in 2019 and perfecting his recipe. Earlier this year, he opened a small kitchen in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood and hired local bakers with experience at Sullivan St. Bakery NYC and Salty Donut.

“I am so excited to bring these healthy, artisan sourdough recipes to breadlovers in Florida and across the U.S. Domaselo’s sourdough is completely free of preservatives or accelerators, unlike most supermarket sourdoughs that contain chemicals to achieve a ‘sour’ taste,” says Hristov. “Our sourdough is the type of bread you can feel good about sharing with your family. And we bring it right to your home.”

When COVID-19 hit, business grew, thanks to the e-commerce sit he created for the logistics. Besides shipping throughout the state, Domaselo shipped to all 50 states this year. The bakery was recently named one of “America’s top bakeries” by Conde Nast Traveler. Hristov says he committed to making Domaselo the country’s first national sourdough brand or the “Starbucks of Sourdough”.

Domaselo sourdough flavors include olive, walnut & cranberry, garlic & raspberry, and pumpkin. Sourdough stays fresh for days and can be frozen for later. The Domaselo Marketplace also sells granola, muesli, coffee, jam, and flour. Want to give in to your sourdough craving? Online ordering is also an option.

For more info on Domaselo and to follow everything they’re doing, follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Photo c/o Domaselo Facebook