5 Fall/Winter 2021 Fashions to Buy Now

I think at this point, we’re all tired of sweating buckets when we step outside. Yea, we all had our Hot Girl Summers but humidity can easily wreck all those plans. One thing I’ve noticed for the last few fall/winter seasons is it looks like trends are moving away from the darker colors and moving towards bolder colors and prints. While we’re still wearing casual wear everywhere, there are the times now we’re going out and we want to get DRESSED.

Honestly, you may already find you already have a few fall/winter 2021 fashions in your closet right now since a few of them are classic and/or trends that rollover from the warmer months. The outfits we wore to brunch or Girls’ Night Out can easily make the transition to cooler weather by adding another layer either over or underneath.

Bright Colors

Usually bright colors are reserved for the warmer months, but this season the same bright yellow or neon pink dress you wore to every single brunch is still all the rage. To switch it up for the colder months, layer it over a basic long sleeve shirt or underneath a sweater with chunky boots or loafers. I’ve been falling back in love with blazers as of late so I’ll definitely be wearing those over my dresses.

Hella Denim

Denim is everywhere…per usual. This time it’s a little different.

First off, the jeans. Looser jeans like straight, relaxed, bootcut, or full on baggy cuts have been trending for a while as part of the WFH uniform. Looser jeans take me back to my elementary and high school days when I’d wear my baggy jeans with a regular t-shirt or layered with sweaters in the “colder” months. I enjoy seeing this trend, which emerged as a big Spring 2021 style, play out because, honestly, I got tired of wearing skinny jeans plus feeling like my legs were constricted. I traded in my work skinny jeans for a pair of looser jeans from Old Navy…y’all they are sooooooo much more comfy. While I would like to get a pair of newer jeans, I’m leaning more towards a thrifted pair of jeans.

The classic denim jacket is a must for fall and winter. I bought a new one from Ivy Park (shoutout to my fellow Beyhive members) and I plan to wear as soon as a breeze comes through Tampa. A denim jacket is a great outer layer over any dress, skirt, or Canadian tuxedo if you’re feeling adventurous.

Roaring 20’s

Break out your slip dresses for the colder weather and imagine yourself living the high life of the Roaring ’20s. If you really want to lean into the “Rich and Luxurious Auntie” vibe, get your thick fur (or faux) coat and adorn yourself with your entire jewelry collection. Wanna keep it low-key and casual? Wear a silk dress over a long-sleeve shirt with sneakers or your favorite combat boot.


Brunch is about to get real lively now that sequins are seeing the light of day now. Make sequins more casual for daytime by pairing them with jeans or a flat sandal (I’d also try a lace up sandal myself). Because sequins are so bold and bright, it’s best to keep everything else in your look from makeup to accessories to a minimum. Have people break their necks because you look bomb AF not a hot mess.


I was obsessed with wearing suits when I was younger and that obsession is back for this season. Instead of doing a fitted or slimmer pant, I’m leaning towards a wide leg trouser. I have a collection of hella blazers in my closet from over the years so not doing the typical all-Black suit look isn’t something I’m too interested in. I feel inspired by the look above with a fun blazer, bright top and simple trouser…like I want to recreate it RIGHT NOW right now.

Now that temperatures are finally dropping and humidity is decreasing, which fall/winter 2021 fashions are you buying?