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5 Spring 2021 Fashion Trends to Know About

We’re still socially distancing a year later but the fashions must still happen, right? Personally, I can’t wait for spring to get here so I can break out the cute OOTD’s and show some skin. While I love wearing my coats and sweats for an easy look, I’m ready to see bright colors and skin. The streets aren’t open completely just yet, but that’ll happen in no time. Put away the layers and the sweats (maybe for a cuter pair for WFH).

Spring 2021 fashion trends are all about keeping it casual and loose. Everyone is still WFH but we still wanna get fits off. I know y’all aren’t working all 8 hours so in-between those Zoom meetings or whatever, take a break and document your cute outfit.

Floral Motifs

Like Miranda Priestley said in The Devil Wears Prada…groundbreaking. The floral prints for this season aren’t the “happy, welcome to spring” florals. Instead, we’ll be seeing bolder and brighter prints. A couple popular color trends for spring are bubblegum pink and magenta which means I can get more wear out of a  floral maxi including those colors


For a couple years now, my legs have been one of my favorite body parts. I’m more comfortable wearing shorter skirts now that show them off. I love when a skirt has a split on it for a bit of thigh action. Fortunately for us girls, this spring it’s all about the legs. I plan on wearing mine with a casual sneaker for the day and a heel for the night (either strappy or block heel for me).

Slouchy Fit Bottoms

Baggier jeans make my high school self excited. They were all I wore throughout high school and part of college. Looking back, I probably wore baggier jeans to shield myself from male attention. Now, after wearing skinny jeans for several years, I’m ready to go back to slouchier fits. I don’t feel like jumping up and down trying to get in them anymore. This season, not only are jeans slouchier but khaki pants are returning looser too (think chino pants or trousers). I’d wear them casually with the legs rolled up with a platform sneaker for some height or a flat sandal. Pro-tip: balance out the slouchy, looser fit pants with fitted tops.

Tie Dye

Tie Dye is one of those trends that come and go depending on the year. I went through a phase a few years ago where I was obsessed with tie dyeing everything I could get my hands on. It’s such a fun print to wear and brings a tinge of joy really.


As soon as temperatures increase, so does the need to show a sliver of skin. Cutouts are so effortlessly sexy without feeling the need to go overboard. Go ahead and give us all a sneak peek at the  “summer bodies” we’ve been “working on”.

Well, these spring 2021 fashion trends are all up and through the stores. Hurry and get to shopping…we have places to go and people to (virtually) see.