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Lynnette Marrero creates the Perfect King Cake Daiquiri for Mardi Gras at Home

New Orleans is one of my favorite cities in the world; it’s so unlike any other place in the country. From the colors to the food (OMG THE FOOD) to the history. One thing I’d like to experience at least once in my life is Mardi Gras. The fanfare, shenanigans, and the dramatics of it all is something I dream about. If you’re like me and don’t live in New Orleans, then it can be a challenge to get a piece of NOLA when you want it.

Fortunately for us, award-winning bartender and Zacapa Rum’s mixologist Lynnette Marrero created a King Cake Daiquiri drink inspired by the “holiday”. Now, whenever you want a piece of NOLA, thank her. In a quick email convo, I got to ask Lynnette Marrero everything you need to know.

When creating the daiquiri, it took a bit of research for Marrero to get it exactly like the Mardi Gras dessert. Fortunately for her, as Zacapa Rum’s mixologist, she knows it from the inside out. Y’all it only took her one try to nail the perfect cocktail combo!

“I am very versed in Zacapa and its best flavor pairings so creating cocktails with the brand is pretty easy for me,” she said. “I just researched King Cake flavors and honed in on the complimentary spices and flavors.”

So what sparked Marrero’s creative juices for the King Cake Daiquiri? The city as a whole really. Marrero explained the nuttiness of the orgeat and cinnamon are two flavors in a King Cake and Zacapa’s rum pairs perfectly with them.

“NOLA is a rum town! They’re a daiquiri town so I wanted to pull some of the inspiration from there but wanted to add some spice notes,” she explains.

Want to celebrate Mardi Gras in the privacy in your own home? Check the King Cake daiquiri below:

King Cake Daiquiri


1.5 oz Zacapa No. 23 Rum

.5 oz orgeat

 .75 oz lime juice

1 dash grated cinnamon


  • Take a coupe or martini glass using a cut lime, moisten the rim of the glass and dip it in purple, green and yellow sugar to decorate the glass in Mardi Gras colors
  • In a shaker, add grated cinnamon, orgeat, lime, then Zacapa rum.
  • Add ice and shake and strain into cocktail glass.

Header photo c/o Punch Drink