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Tickled Pink: Where to Find the Perfect Pair of Pink Shorts For Bae

I don’t think it was until rapper Cam’ron wore an all-pink outfit that it became cool for men to wear pink with confidence and swagger. Robert likes to talk about when he had a pink shirt in high school that he used to wear but because he was afraid of being picked on, he wore a sweatshirt over it. He bought a pair of pink shorts recently and talking about outfit ideas and color options to wear with them. It wasn’t until then I realized the color pink is almost a neutral really. It’s a playful shade that looks great when paired with any color in the rainbow.

This spring and summer, give the bae the chance to slay the game in a pair of pink shorts. If they’re on the search for a pair right now, here are a few places to shop:


Nordstrom and any of it’s brands are where I go whenever I’m looking for something. They’re products run the entire gamut and I haven’t been unsatisfied with a purchase yet. The collection of available pink shorts is great for the casual summertime slay.

Imperial Motion Seeker Shorts $49.95


Ben Sherman Slim Stretch Chino Shorts $41.40


Vineyard Vines 9 Inch Stretch Breaker Shorts $50.25


Vilebrequin Embroidered Twill Shorts $245


FILA Tanaro Shorts $40


Probably one of my fave online stores(and app), their pink shorts are more fun and eccentric. When I’m looking for something a little different, ASOS is my go-to.

ASOS DESIGN Denim Shorts in Skinny Pink Tie Dye $40


ASOS DESIGN Slim Chino Shorts in Pastel Pink $29


Skinny Chino Shorts in Bright Pink $29 


ASOS Slim Shorter Chino Shorts in Pink $11.50

Urban Outfitters

We’re all familiar with the vintage-y vibe of UO so it’s not a surprise when their pink shorts go along with the same vibe.

Levi’s 511 Glinda Cutoff Denim Short $50  


UO Swim Short $39

Pink shorts aren’t hard to come by but if you’re trying to start the summertime slayage off early, I suggest getting a pair ASAP. Bae id definitely brightening up all the day parties, barbecues, and kickbacks this season.