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3 Reasons to Use a Tailor

Having a tailor is something everyone should have. I’ve been going to mine for a few years now so it really feels like we’ve built a relationship; we’re pretty much on a first-name basis at this point. There’s times I’ve gone in with a last minute request and it’s done ASAP. Tailors work wonders on any piece of clothing and I’ve never not left satisfied.

There are plenty of reasons to use a tailor but mine are pretty simple. I can’t sew anything besides fixing a hole or replacing a button. I’ve been going to my tailors Tao and Khan at Express Alterations for a few years now and I’m always satisfied when I see the idea I have in my head come to fruition.

Quick Fixes

They’re so great at what they do that any kind of quick fix isn’t detectable. I’ve had several pairs of jeans taken in at the waist and wherever they cut isn’t noticeable at all. I don’t even see anything along the waistband and belt loops but I know when I leave with my items, they look brand new plus fit even better. Most times when I need a quick fix, it’s never urgent but they finish ASAP.


Like previously mentioned, I can’t do any serious sewing besides a button or closing a hole. There’s plenty of instances where I’ve bought pieces with alteration ideas for them. The dress I’m wearing in the was originally a maxi but I wanted it shorter with a slit. A couple months ago, I took a couple other maxi dresses that didn’t my chest so I turned those into skirts. I don’t feel like buying new clothes right now so all I want to do is transform my old stuff into new things. I’m positive I have maybe $100 worth of stuff to alter in my closet right now.

Inexpensive Costs

Think about it: buying a whole new set of clothes can add up but taking old clothes and switching some things up can expand your closet. Some tailors can be expensive but when they’re good at what they do, it’s worth it. I get urges to pull the trigger on new clothes all the time but it’s only temporary; deep down, I know I don’t want anything new. I’m in a space where I’d much rather spend the money for modifications instead of instant gratification with new pieces. Plus, it makes me feel like I’m low-key a designer although I’m not doing the work myself.

What are some of your reasons to use a tailor?


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