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Miami’s World Famous House of Mac is bringing their popular comfort food to Orlando soon

The first time I heard about World Famous House of Mac was back in 2019 when Robert told me about it. We went to Miami for my birthday that year and it was one of the spots we ate in the 305. My initial thoughts were ‘How many dishes could possibly be made from macaroni?’ and I was pleasantly surprised to see a menu of drool-inducing and tantalizing iterations of the comfort food. After some nudging, Robert encouraged me to talk to owner Derrick “Chef Teach” Turton when he walked in to the restaurant.

World Famous House of Mac is one of my favorites whenever I’m in Miami. When I saw WFHM was opening a new spot in Orlando, I got super excited. Now I don’t have to wait until the next Miami trip! Whenever I’m in town and get a craving, I can go up the street and grab some mac. It’ll be a dope spot for a casual date night or whenever really; the menu ranges $2.75-4 for drinks and $13-48 for entrees, sides, and more.

Chef Teach and I caught up for a bit and he told me all the deets on the new location and what Orlando can expect:

Alexandria Ebron: Since you’ve already conquered the Miami food scene with your locations in Overtown and North Miami, when and why did you decide to set your sights on Orlando? 

Derrick Turton: My goal has always been to expand regionally. We’ve been very careful about taking our time, and expanding at a rate that we can control the integrity of the brand. Orlando was organic. 

AE:What can customers expect at the new Orlando location? Is there going to be anything different on this menu? Are you serving weekend brunch at some point?

DT: Orlando is a smaller location, so we’re using it as an intro step into the market. Based on the feedback we’ve been getting so far, seems like it’s going to do well.  Once we know the concept will work, we will work on expanding to a bigger location. Baby steps for now. 

AE: What do you think World Famous House of Mac Orlando adds to the area’s food scene? 

DT: We’re bringing a food experience that I don’t believe exists. Our concept is very unique. There are a few Mac & cheese joints, but make no mistake, we are not the same.  I say that respectfully and in the most humble way possible. 

AE: When does World Famous House of Mac Orlando open? Any plans for your grand opening festivities?

DT: Right now, we are waiting on permits. We are in talks with the mayors office to do a ribbon cutting. Definitely going to do it big for the grand opening. Would love to see you there!

AE: Any future plans to open more locations (like Tampa *wink wink* )

DT: Like I said, we will grow the brand at a rate that we can maintain the integrity of the brand. If the right opportunity presents itself at the right time, we’re there. We’re also in the process of manufacturing our lemonade and Mac & cheese to distribute to grocery stores nationwide. Very excited about that. 

AE: What is your ultimate goal for this location?

DT: Ultimate goal is to open and operate a successful business in Orlando. From a purpose standpoint, I want to be a part of the community, provide jobs and opportunities, and ultimately be a destination location like our other spots are. 

AE: Where can people find you?

DT: On social media, you can find me on IG or Facebook @worldfamoushouseofmac. We have locations in Miami & N Miami Beach. Make sure to check us out if you’re in town.